Watts the time Mr Wolf? Review

The first Fly Productions EP release by producer Night Wolf is an epic, orchestral-strings-driven delight with banging dubstep rhythms. Featuring Centrist’s lush string arrangements, the mini-debut is home to four original compositions and one exclusive remix of the symphonic-folksy-metal track ‘I Fade’ by Leah. Amor Vincit Omnia, the first instrumental tune has the skippy, early-2000s dubstep rhythms, one-note blippy bass wobbles and a cinematic strings overture. Apparently this kind of sound has been now been given the header of ‘Cine-step’ which is a reflection of the EP’s close incorporation with film music. One highlight perhaps for us is the final installation Crossing Euro with it’s haunting, operatic female vocal and sampled snippet of a Nightwolf radio interview. The latter also serves as an introduction to this emerging producer’s creative profile. The textural weightage of the music is cemented even more by symbolic wolf-howl moments, which leaves us wondering about the virtuoso mind-wanderings of both Centrist’s & Nightwolf ‘s time in developing this record.

~ BlabbaGasted

Trumpet This! Review

Signal’s very own first release on very his label FLY PRODUCTIONS is out soon. The fabulous debut single Trumpet this is exactly what you’d expect, an electro-house slice with a layered MIDI trumpet riff all over. Now personally I am not a fan of the use of MIDI instruments being used in any song productions however only Signal has a way of involving the simplest MIDI arrangement and instrument and making a catchy hook out of it with the most minimalist reverb. It kind of gives you a feel of a novelty piece that may have come out when the advent of MIDI technology first came about onto the scene. Trumpet this is soon to be followed an EP release.

~ BlabbaGasted

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